What It Means to Give Your Life to God

Do you feel anxious and restless? Has your life been feeling empty? Is your mind filled with so many thoughts and questions? If yes, then you might be experiencing spiritual emptiness. Spiritual emptiness has become increasingly common among people nowadays. As the world continues to become busier and harsher than before, more and more people are also becoming spiritually empty. To overcome such emptiness, they resort to various unhealthy habits, including overeating, alcohol abuse, drug addiction, and more.

What these people do not realize, however, is that the real solution to spiritual emptiness can only be found in God. It is only Him who can fill the void in your mind and heart. To live a truly meaningful and remarkable life, you need to surrender yourself to Him. This is one of the main lessons that you can get from the life-changing book of Gregory McLeod entitled The Apathetical Man. It chronicles the experiences of the author himself, as he journeys from the sinful life to a life full of faith and God’s love. Here, you are particularly going to be convinced to give your life to God through Jesus Christ as a way of restoring your mind and heart. In general, this book on how to give your life away by Gregory McLeod reaffirms the belief that it is only through God that you can solve your spiritual emptiness. Now, what does it really mean to give your life to God?

It means transferring ownership of your life to God

When you give your life to God, you are basically transferring the ownership of your life to Him. This means that you are allowing Him to takeover of your life. Everything that you possess is owned by God. Everything that you choose to do now is consistent to His will. In essence, as you give your life away, you are accepting the fact that God is your owner, master, shepherd, and father. It is no longer you who is at the center of your life, but Jesus Christ rather. When you give your life to God, you are ultimately giving everything that you are and everything that you ever have to its rightful Owner.

It means dedicating your life to serving God

Giving your life to God also entails that you are offering your entire being to His service. Serving God essentially means that you submit to Him and do what He says in a what that makes Him look supremely valuable in Himself. Service does not necessarily and merely mean that you should go to church every day or donate a bulk of money to Christian charities. Serving God means something bigger than these things. It is all about changing your entire life (i.e., how you live and what you think, say, or do) so that you may live a life that echoes or reflects the greatness of God.

It means living your life according to God’s ultimate purpose         

Ultimately, choosing to give your life to God allows you to redirect your life. It gives you the ability to turn away from something bad and sinful to something good and full of faith. It provides you with the opportunity to live your life according to the ultimate purpose of God. God has plans for your life. Your life is not meaningless nor pointless because God Himself created you for a reason. Sometimes, however, the challenges of life can make you lose sight of your original purpose. This is mostly the time when the feeling of spiritual emptiness can arise. The only way to prevent or solve this is to give your life away to nothing or no one but God. At the end of the day, it is God who gave meaning to your life, so it is also only through Him that you can find your meaning and purpose once again.

In summary, giving your life to God means allowing Him to takeover your life. Once you give your life away, you are no longer living for yourself, but rather for God and His people. Doing this can give your life so much meaning and purpose. Indeed, the solution to emptiness can only be found in Him. The story of Gregory McLeod whose life turned from being sinful to being full of faith is a great proof of this. No amount of alcohol and drugs can fill the void inside you. It is only by surrendering yourself to God that you can find the sense of peace and contentment that you might have been searching for a long time.

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