Are you deprived of all happiness in life? Are you getting dragged into the world of darkness? Then, there’s only one option left for you – call on the name of the lord and he shall save you!

If you’ve already been benefited by God’s grace, then share your testimony with others. Let them know about the great doings of God. You can help another person to see the bright side of life. If you think this will not work, then go to any religious bookstore in Dunn City and purchase my book “The Apathetical Man”.

I was addicted to drugs and was suffering from bipolar disorder before Christ came into my life. When you read my book, you’ll find the short stories of my struggle. There was no hope for any positive thing in my life. Then, one day I started going to church. From that day I was able to connect with God and my life changed for better.

I had no one to help me come out of the darkness, but to help you all, I have written the book “The Apathetical Man” which is now available in all Dunn city spiritual book shops.

What is true testimony?

When you’re writing a testimony, focus more on highlighting the deeds of God. Your deeds, changes in your life and problems you had in life – these are not the most important things that need to be written in a testimony. 

Telling other people about your changed life will not help to bring that person out of the darkness. Rather, tell them about the glory of Jesus Christ. In my book, I have written about how spirituality had enlightened me during my time of crisis. 

God’s grace helped me to understand the true meaning of life. I learned to embrace all problems of life gladly. I stopped going to rehab centers and accepted the harsh reality that it is not possible to cure my bipolar disease.

How will your testimony help others?

Cope with difficult situations

You may feel that your story is dull and boring and may prefer not sharing the same. Mark my words, every story is unique and there’s a lot to learn from each story! In my book, I have penned down my story of how I found a savior.  

There will always be a point of time in life when you’ll feel that life is not working! Read my stories in “The Apathetical Man” and you’ll understand how to cope with such situations\

Making people believe in God’s power

While writing about God’s contributions in my life, I can recount his goodness. This gives me more faith and courage to embrace all difficulties of the uncertain future. 

Similarly, your testimony can help others find faith and positivity of life. When they read about the glorious acts of God, they will develop faith on God’s power.

Helps in developing transparency

If you honestly confess about your mistakes and sins in your testimony, then you’ll be regarded as a transparent person. 

Hiding things will keep you separated from the rest of the society. In my book, you’ll find the true confessions of my life. Although I was a bad person in my early days, however, I did not keep any of that hidden. Don’t try to look perfect always. The more you tell the truth about yourself, the more friends you can make.

From your true confessions in your testimony, many others will get motivated to say the truth. Let’s take this initiative and create an honest world where there are no false intentions.

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