Have you ever felt like a complete failure, and faced years and years of rejection? Have you ever just got out of bed smiling to fool the world, but once night creeps in the pain in your chest intensifies? Do you feel dejected, morose and unworthy?

If you do, you aren’t alone, neither are you worthless, you’re simply depressed. That’s right! Depression is a silent killer that no one ever seems to witness. Like cancer, it grows in silence and when it hits you, it sucks your life energy right out.

Well, this is something that our beloved author Gregory Martin McLeod faced for years. He lost his path to righteousness, started abusing drugs and was diagnosed with chronic bipolar disorder. However, even when no hope was there, our author pulled himself out of the darkness by believing in a higher power.

Today, his book the Apathetical Man talks about his struggles and fight against depression. You can find this book in any religious book store in Dunn. So, give this a read if you ever feel alone. However, before that our blog today will discuss a few pointers to overcome depression.

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1. Give Yourself a Break

Depression puts your mind in a whirlwind of negative emotions, and you feel like you’ve aged 20 years. This is why when things just do not go the way they are supposed to, give yourself a break. Watch some of your favorite shows, eat healthily, take some time off work, go on a vacation and more to calm your mind.

The Apathetical Man shows us how the author took a break to focus on God. He found his salvation there. You can, in fact, read the book from any Dunn city spiritual books shop for better insight.

2. Therapy

Going for therapy is another good option to consider if you feel like you have a lot on your plate. What’s more? Therapy won’t make you incompetent or small. It will simply help you when you talk out your pain and have someone aid you in your life.

You might even need medication, so don’t stall therapy. Even our author wrote about his days in therapy in his book the Apathetical Man.

3. Connect with People 

One of the many things they do not tell you about depression is that you tend to isolate yourself from everyone. Why is that? Because depression is like the devil whispering negative things in your ears 24/7; you always feel like you’re imposing, you’re unwanted, or a crybaby.

Therefore, to avoid seeming clingy, depression victims often isolate themselves and suffer in silence. Stop doing that! Talk to a trusted friend, or you can also join a community and take up a hobby online. This way, you can socialize and keep your mind away from negative thoughts and feelings.

4. Harness Gratitude 

In the well of negativity that depression pushes you in, to get out its primary that you focus on the good in life. For example, harness gratitude and be thankful for the little things. You can thank god for good clothes, food, friends and so on.

When you start embracing gratitude, you’ll see that it’s not so bad. Even when things are bad, by finding the good you can discover the silver lining in the cloud. This will help cultivate positivity and hope. To learn more about gratitude read the Apathetical Man from any Dunn city spiritual books shop.

5. Unload Responsibilities 

Sometimes when you are depressed and have a ton of responsibilities on your shoulders, the weight of the world can seem overwhelming. Therefore, you must unload some of your responsibilities and request your peers or family to help you in sharing your load.

For example, you can ask your office colleague to share some of your work responsibilities to get a breather.

6. Add Meaning in Life

When life seems pointless and meaningless know that depression got to you real bad. Therefore, to tackle that you must add meaning to your life. Whether it’s conforming to some higher power like our author or focusing on a hobby, do something that makes you feel productive.

To learn how to embrace the meaning in life, you can buy the Apathetical Man from any religious book store in Dunn

7. Change Your Lifestyle 

When you’re depressed you might be doing activities that burden you more. For example, you might be smoking or living life carelessly. Stop that! Instead, make a routine and focus on doing something productive to counterbalance the negative feelings.

You can also partake in exercise and eating a clean diet, to combat depression. The right diet along with exercise often helps in counterbalancing the negative sides of depression.

So, there you have it! Now, that you’re aware of the 7 steps to walk away from depression, ensure to follow these diligently. You can also read the Apathetical Man for better guidance on embracing the light.

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