“The Abyss.” 

I close my eyes from this world around me, only to see the darkness deep within me. I fall deeper within the doors of my heart and find the Abyss that compasses me about. No endings or searching of its infinite passages, as the darkness covers my total existence. I’m consumed with the darkness as a cloak that would wrap about me. I seem to feel safe in my own Abyss, but soon find out, I’m not sensing any of this. As the Fire Consumes and the Waters give Life, there’s no searching of such things in my own dead life. But, Oh Lord you are always with me, even during the dark times of my Life. Your light shines within me and shows me the way, even in the valley of death. You hold the night and day in the palm of thy hand, Oh lord how long will it be before I can stand. Oh Lord, bring me now to thy Light, so I may live in your glorious sight.”
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