Knowing Gods Will

During these times that I would exercise my mind to do evil, the enemy was in the shadow accusing and even laughing at me. The mind isn’t meant for this type of growing. The mind is given, so that, a man would grow in the knowledge and Understanding of God’s Promise and not Satan or self will desires. There is something greater that I would like to share with you and it is this; The mind is the gateway to the spiritual and it is here that a man will begin to exercise his life. It is here in the mind that the gifts enter and are exercised by the Spirit of God, but the mind can not discern itself. Now the mind is the conscious of the soul, but it cannot use the gifts on it’s own. The Spirit of God gives a man the gifts and the man must exercise the gifts, by the Spirit, to grow and mature in the Love of God. Let me explain quickly. If you believe in God, have you ever seen him.? If you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and all that he did for mankind over 2 thousand years, were you there when they crucified him?-Pause– I don’t think you have met God face to Face, and neither were you there at the very moment when the crowd cried out and said, “Crucify Him!” But. somehow we believe anyway, if you are a believer that is, correct? This is the gift of faith that God gives a man when a man first believes in God for Salvation and deliverance from this World of pain and misery. The more we hear about God‘s Word, such as going to Church, hearing preaching of the Gospel, reading our Bibles, loving our brethren, praying for each other and our enemies, we at this time set our mind on God and Jesus Christ and are obedient to the Will of God. The much more that we are willing to let go and exercise what we believe to be the Way, the Truth, and the Life and let God’s Will manifest into our life, the more faith we get. The more faith we get, the more trust we get. But, how can that be since we were not there and neither have we seen God face to Face, that we can still believe? This is how the Spirit of God exercises the gifts in our mind. The Spirit uses the spiritual gifts, if we are willing to let him, to teach and show us greater things than you could ever imagine from your own understandings. The mind can not discern or examine itself. But, the Spirit of God will examine our life and search out the darkness and bring it to our remembrance. The much more a man is willing to do God’s Will, the much more that God is willing to show himself to him by his Spirit. The more we are willing to do God’s Will the more we exercise our faith in God, such as praying for others and reading and studying God’s Word.
The Apathetical Man
Gregory Martin McLeod
Readersmagnet Authors Club 03152019

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