Escapism is something most of us do, in fact, for those who are not satisfied in life, escapism is the only way to feel solace. But, while escapism might be the key to shutting out major life problems, is it the solution?

After all, you aren’t facing your problems, rather you are choosing the path of running away and hoping it goes away on its own. Well, you aren’t alone! The author of the ‘Apathetical Man’, Gregory Martin McLeod tuned to escapism too. 

You see he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder from a young age, and it made him lose his mind. He had turned into alcohol, drugs, rock-and-roll and lived life carelessly. He was doing rave parties and whatnot, but the gnawing sense of emptiness did not leave him.

He almost gave up, but soon he started going to church and discovered a newfound faith in hope. That was when he wrote his bestseller ‘The Apathetical Man’, which is available in any spiritual book shop near Dunn.

In this book, he discussed his struggles with drugs and alcohol and showed the readers that even when all hope is lost, one can still survive with faith.

One of the subtopics he shed light on is deliverance and remission. Today’s blog will discuss the same and shed some valuable insight.

Read on,

Deliverance or Remission

The very act of spiritual deliverance or remission might seem somewhat similar but, it is quite different from one another. To understand more here’s what the two means –

Deliverance from Sins

Deliverance in the Old Testament means freedom from bad thought, life, habits, etc. This word is frequently used in the church, and this means driving out bad spirits or demons from within oneself.

However, in this perspective deliverance means gaining freedom from something that has been holding you back. In the ‘Apathetical Man’, the author was drowning in despair, and he turned to drugs for temporary salvation. But it was killing parts of him and not just his body.

He felt dirty, and useless, until one day he decided to turn to God. He always questioned himself, will God ever forgive a sinner like him? However, through his book and unwavering faith, he realized that God is willing to help if one helps oneself. Thus, in his book he takes deliverance to mean winning the war with one’s mind.

You see the mind is the real prison, and negative thoughts are the chains that shackle a person. If you train your mind to have faith and harbour hope, you’ll fill yourself with positive thoughts that can aid you in leaving a bad habit. So, the path to remission is deliverance from bad vibes, thoughts, and habits.

Remission or Redemption

Once you attain the path of deliverance, you might be filled with a guilty conscience. Yes, until you heal you might have hurt numerous people and yourself for your selfish desires. However, the Lord is benevolent and kind. He will never give up on someone willing to try.

Therefore, once you start to accept deliverance and change, you will find yourself steering towards remission or redemption. You will work to change your bad habits, harbour positive thoughts and be kind and compassionate.

What’s more? With your hard work and goodwill, you will surely earn the right to penance and cleanse your soul. To know more about this, it is best that you Google, ‘spiritual book shop near me’ and find yourself a copy of ‘The Apathetical Man’.

The struggles of the author will prove that he is not a saint. However, he fought with his bad-self and in God found truth and faith. So, read along and empathize, because the moment you decide to change for the better, the more positive your life shall be. God bless!

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