Suffering Addict

My friend let me just say I am not a professor of suffering but I’ve been through my share. Let me just share what suffering is-agony, affliction, distress, intense pain and sorrow those are just a few we will talk about. When my mother had me as a child she suffered me to come into this world. That is one type of suffering. She suffered me for 9 months until birth. Now the first documented suffering was when mankind fell from Grace and God told Man and Woman that they would suffer(Genesis 3:16-17).Getting back to suffering of an addict is something Im going to try to expand on. Why does anyone abuse drugs. Iv ask many people that question and its almost always the same answer. PAIN. They are covering up pain that they don’t want to feel or experience. Fear is also one that they say why they do drugs. To get out of this world into something entirely different than what thet are living. My friend there were some folks that said they just like the feeling of euphoria. The reason I use was to escape my bi-polar and pain that I suffer with . I’ve been in a lot of car wrecks and fell off cliffs and bidge and suffered greatly the pain. I also use because I could not face tomorrow and what it may bring. I was fearful.But my friend doing drugs isn’t the way to escape. We need to stand up seeek help(Counselors) and face our fears and deal with our pain.If you don’t you will die a early age and make all your love ones suffer. Church is a good place to start finding the truth of your spiritual self which is why you use the start with. But there will come a day when we as Christians want suffer anymore and this is a promise. Romans 8:18”What we suffer now is nothing compared to the glory he will give us later.For all creation is waiting patiently and hopefully for that future day when God will resurrect his children.For on that day thorns and thristles,sin,death and decay-the things that overcame the world against its will at Gods command-will all disappear and the world around us will share in the glorious freedom from sin which Gods children enjoy.” Now that is a promise. Please if you are struggling with alcohol or drugs just know you can have it better than you can imagine if you seek God and help. God will show you where, when, what, and how to live. He will not live you alone. He will go with you everywhere you go to help you on your suffering is nothing compare to what God has suffered for you. Lets start with creation. He suffered meat for you to eat. All meat come from living blood pumping animals. They have got to be killed and cleaned for us to eat. Let me share this vision I had as a butchers helper one year.+
During my experience as a butcher helper, I would come into this shop everyday and there would be animals being killed by the dozens, like a production line. Everyday I could hear the screams from the animals, as they were killed. At this shop, we only killed hoofed foot animals. I would open the cooler up everyday and there would be many animal carcasses hanging from hooks from a roll track from the ceiling. The animals would be killed on what was called the kill floor and then dressed and rolled into this cooler. My duty was to help get the carcasses from the cooler to the packing room.
The packing room was where we cut the meat or grind the meat and then pack it into boxes. I was a butcher’s helper on this job and the experienced butchers would throw entire carcasses on top of these large steel tables and we would then cut the carcasses into steaks, pork chops, hams, shoulders, grind hamburger or sausage and many other special orders.
We would use long sharp knifes, large electric saws and other tools to cut through the carcass’s flesh and bones, like butter. After we would cut the meats or grind the meats, we would then pack the meats into boxes and roll the boxes into large freezers waiting for the right customers. My duties continued on this job for about 3months and I believe it was for this very reason:
There was a day in particular that I will never forget. I walked into the shop area and there hung a large bull cow and it had already been skinned and dressed out. I didn’t pay no attention to it; for it was normal for animals to be just hanging around. As we took a break that day from our duties, I walked to the kill floor to look around and to see the procedure of how these animals were killed and dressed. I looked over towards where there was a very large vat with extremely hot water and my heart began to flutter. I seen a large sow hog, flipping and flopping in this large vat, as if it was on a rotisserie. The eyes of this animal were closed and I new it was for meat now without mercy, with no doubt. As I walked around this kill floor, I ended back at this large bull cow that was just hanging around. I looked at this bull cow and it’s eyes where opened and then I seen as if this bull cow started to cry, no kidding. It looked to me as if tears were flowing from this Big Bull’s eyes. I left immediately from the presence of this bull cow and went outside to smoke a cigarette. My heart began to feel as if it was enlarging and pressing on my sternum bone. I had never felt such a great burden as I did that day for animals. I felt in my spirit as if that bull cow said to me in a voice within my spirit, “I suffered for you.”

So God and his Christ suffer for us in many different ways. But the ultimate sacrifice was Jesus Christ he suffered for us and still suffers for us because he loves us. If you have been born again you will suffer with Christ but it is a righteous suffer a glorious sufffer to suffer for Christ.If you are still not convience and continue to live a life numb and zombilize from the worlds and the Love of Christ you will never experience the deep love and suffering of Christ, So stand up like a man and give yourself over to the care of God. If you are wrong it want matter anyway except you will feel something wonderful, The Love of Christ.

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