One of the worst feelings in life is to be depressed. You feel helpless, unsure of yourself, and demotivated with negative thoughts clouding your mind. What’s more? When people around you make you feel bad for being depressed, the sense of isolation and humiliation adds on to the depression.

But, here’s the harsh reality, there is no on and off switch for depression. It is a clinical condition and mostly requires medical attention. However, depression can be fought with motivation and healing thoughts. Along with medical help, you can fight back depression when you understand that you aren’t the only one ensnared in its dark web.

This is why, you should opt for reading Gregory Martin McLeod’s book, the Apathetical Man available in the religious book store in Dunn.

Our author was an addict and suffered from chronic bi-polar disorder. He had been going in and out of rehab and felt that he lost his way. Later, when he almost gave up, he turned to God and soon with time found peace and healing.

This book showcases, that darkness can be fought if one remembers to turn on the light. Once you read this novel, maybe you’ll find some strength to fight back the darkness that has engulfed you.

However, on that note, let’s review a few tips to fight depression the natural way.

Read on,

1) Follow a Routine

One of the worst things that depression can do to you is stripping away your routine. You might feel so demotivated that you just sit and waste time. For former drug addicts such as our author Gregory Martin McLeod, depression made him indulge more than his body could take.

He was on a path to self-destruction, but thankfully our author found his way. Now, through his book “the Apathetical Man”, found in any Dunn city spiritual books shop, he shares his fight with depression.

One of the main points highlighted there is following a routine. When you’re depressed, do not sit stagnantly. Opt for keeping yourself occupied by undertaking a task or hobby. Exercising is also a good option to combat the physical and mental effects of depression. Additionally, follow a proper sleep routine to give your body and mental strength.

2) Stay Connected with People

Isolating yourself from society is a common sign of depression. You might feel that everyone is out to get out or judge you. What’s more? Depression can make you feel like a failure among people and hence, you shut yourself inside a room and cry.

However, this will only add fuel to the fire. When you are depressed, instead of cutting people off, connect. Try to go find a survivor group where people share motivating stories. When you see you’re not alone, you’ll feel better and motivated to fight this depression.

Additionally, you can also read motivating books like “the Apathetical Man”, available in any Dunn city spiritual books shop.

3) Seek Spiritual Help

When you are depressed, you are shrouding yourself in a cloud of negativity. As a result, you might have self-destructive thoughts that involve hurting yourself or others around you. However, this is not the time to wallow in self-pity or anger.

Try to connect to god and listen to his voice. Spiritualism is very important for healing. When you practice spiritualism, you are cleansing negative vibes from your body and thus, starting to heal. In “the Apathetical Man”, the author explains how spiritualism saved him from his ultimate demise.

His book explains the verses of God simply and reading it might help you fight that darkness consuming you.

4) Eat Clean

The urge to binge or eat unhealthily is very common when a person is depressed. This is mainly because stress releases cortisol that leads to sugar and salt craving. Excess consumption of sugar or fats will lead to obesity that will fuel negative thoughts.

Additionally, stress can sometimes make a person indulge in drugs and narcotics. This causes immense damage to the body by building up oxidative stress. Thus, combat stress and depression by eating a clean balanced diet.

Eat more fruits, leafy greens, vegetables, whole grains and healthy fats. This way your body will get the essential nutrients and rejuvenate in no time. In the book “The Apathetical Man”, the author shows how eating clean can help a person heal from stress and anxiety. Get your copy from any reputed religious book store in Dunn.

5) Channel Negative Thoughts

When you do not channel negative thoughts, they stick to you like glue and mess up your mind. So, when you’re feeling negative opt for doing something physical or mental. Solve a puzzle, go for a walk, read aloud, or even dance.

Once you do something to divert your mind, you can easily combat intense depression.

On that note, now that you’re aware of the 5 tips to fight depression, follow these out. For more help, read the “The Apathetical Man”, and steer yourself towards positive healing.

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