Addiction is a disease and it’s time people accept this. So, what is this addiction in reality? it is a general phenomenon when one feels they cannot live without a certain person, substance and thing. One of the most common types of addiction is drugs.

In fact, as per the American Society of Addiction Medicine, Addiction defines itself as “a primary, chronic disease of brain reward, motivation, memory, and related circuitry” and you know you’re addicted when you find yourself facing “inability to consistently abstain, impairment in behavioral control, craving, diminished recognition of significant problems with one’s behaviors and interpersonal relationships

So, in short, if you feel like you cannot abstain from drugs or alcohol; understand that you have an issue. However, drug addiction is deadly, and overusing drugs too much can lead to brain and body impairment. What’s worse, if you’re too late you’re going to die a slow and painful death.

This is why you need to walk away from drugs while you still can. In fact, if you feel helpless and alone, understand that you’re not. Our author Gregory Martin McLeod fought against drug abuse for years. He almost lost himself, until he started to believe in the lord.

n his book the ‘Apathetical Man’, he confesses about his drug abuse and shows methods he used to cope. You can read this book from any spiritual book shop near Dunn. However, our blog today will discuss holistic means you can use to resist drug abuse and temptation.

Resisting Drug Abuse 

1. Get into Therapy

Battling drug abuse on your own is not an easy thing. Often, the temptation to succumb to drug drowns the little voice in your head that says no. Therefore, it is okay to seek help via therapy. Just ensure to contact a reputed drug addiction forum in town. 

There you can go with your family and express your dilemma. Suppose, you have an addiction to smoking marijuana, then each moment you might be craving a puff like a mad man. Therefore, to get rid of this habit, your behavioral pattern needs to change. 

Thankfully, with the right medication, and consistency, you can battle the evils of addiction in therapy.

2. Curb the Urge 

Even when you are in therapy, and somehow manage to abstain from the drug for a few days, relapsing is very probable. It can be the smell of the drug, or simply your brain’s conditioning that tells you to have a sniff or a shot.

At that moment, you must surf or curb the urge to take the drug. Now, this isn’t easy, because you are literally battling yourself. However, you can win if you voice out your thoughts aloud. Say out loud, “it’s just the smell that makes me want to have it”, or simply stay, “My brain wants it, I do not!”

Also, try to focus your thoughts on some other things. Like dance, if you need to or turn to faith. For example, in the Apathetical Man available in any spiritual book shop near Dunnthe author focused on God to combat drug abuse.

3. Join a Support Group

When you’re going through something bad, nothing helps more than having people around who empathize. Therefore, you should join a drug abuse survivor group. In this group, you can share stories of your struggle, and also hear about other people sharing their stories.

When you see that you aren’t alone in your fight, you will find motivation and confidence to turn your life around. The Apathetical Man found in that spiritual book shop near Dunn, also emphasizes the importance of support when dealing with drug abuse.

4. Walk out of Depression

Depression can often lead to feelings of apathy, numbness, pain, desolation and oblivion. As a result, a depressed person is more likely to turn to drugs that a sober person. So, if depression is the reason you’re touching that MDMA or weed, it’s time to stop.

Get into therapy, ear right, and exorcize to eliminate the negative thoughts. You can also join a support group, and take the aid of medication if you’re facing chronic depressive spells.

5. Self Care

Last but not the least, another good way to tackle drug abuse is by indulging in self-care. When you start with drugs you leave self-care long behind. You do not focus on good things and only revolve your life around that drug. So, ensure to take a break, travel, read, and pamper yourself to stop relapsing.

You can also opt for retail therapy, and get a massage or two to relax when things become too stressful. In this way, once you start looking after your body, you’ll not want to focus on drugs again. To know more about self-care, get the Apathetical Man from any spiritual book shop near Dunn.

On that note, now that you’re aware of 5 holistic ways to combat drug abuse, ensure to follow these diligently. Take whatever help is necessary but walk out before it’s too late. God bless!

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