The year has gone by and one after another, something or the other went wrong. You’ve lost close family kin; you’ve been fired from work unjustly and you seem to consider alcohol your new best friend. 

Your life is in disarray and you feel like you’ve accepted ‘Murphy’s law. So, for all that’s worth, you might be thinking of giving up. After all, there seems to be no hope left, but that is where you’re wrong my friend. Let me tell you we’ve all been there; when the universe seems to drop one bomb after another playing gamble with your life, that is exactly when you shouldn’t give up.

Now, this might sound like me bluffing, but when things went south, I clung on to the last shards of hope and it was so much stronger than fear. I wrote my book the ‘Apathetical Man’, and it gave me much strength. Moreover, it was written to lift me and people like you who thought that all hope is lost. You can find my copy, just Google, ‘religious books store in Dunn’, and maybe my book will shed some insight on how to hold on when all is lost.

For now, let me assist you by telling you 3 ways to make life count when things fall apart –

Be Grateful

This might sound like a mantra you are tired of hearing but be grateful for every little thing in life. The sadness you feel now isn’t supposed to last forever, and like a cycle, this too ends. There are countless people in the world deprived of basic blessings like parents, food, shelter and whatever.

If you are a little better off be grateful for being alive and stay strong with hope.

Re-asses a Situation

Suppose you had a plan in life to do something big, and in one second, unforeseen circumstances made it impossible to attain that dream. Then you might feel like giving up and mourning, but here is where you need to re-assess a situation. Don’t be hung up on the past and ask yourself whether you want that thing badly. 

If you did, look for ways to attain the thing later in life. Remember a bend in the road isn’t the end of that road. If the situation is entirely unavoidable, accept the reality and try to do the next best thing. Holding onto something you cannot have will only cut your wound deeper, moreover, there is a significant amount of freedom in letting things go. 

Have Faith!

Faith might just be a 5-letter word, but like love, it is extremely powerful if you believe in it. In times of despair and loneliness, sometimes believing that you can overcome it can take you a long way. Because, see it in this way, when you harbour negative thoughts, they make you sick, bitter, and numb. 

However, if you stay strong in faith, it’ll help you channel positive energy and you will feel motivated to work more. This will assist you in making plans, do damage control and have clarity over your life

Thus, whatever divine power you believe in, be it Jesus, Allah or the mighty Shiv, pray and fill yourself with positive energy. You’ll soon find yourself steering towards the path of divine intelligence.

On that note, to learn more about coping mechanisms and finding your way back, get my book the ‘Apathetical Man’ from religious books store in Dunn. Once you read about my struggles with addiction and depression, you’ll know you aren’t alone. Sheer faith helped me find my way, and indeed, I pray my copy will help you find ways to make life count. God Bless!

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