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The 技术人员承诺 is a sector-wide, collaborative initiative led by the Science Council and supported by the Gatsby Charitable Foundation’s Technicians Make It Happen campaign. Durham University is proud to be a signatory of the 技术人员承诺.

The Commitment aims to ensure visibility, recognition, career development, and sustainability for technical staff working in higher education and research, across all disciplines.
DU Technicians on Microsoft Teams
Technician at work
ESS Operator working with equipement

Our aim

In line with this, we aim to enhance skills and career development for technical staff, recognising their integral and invaluable role in the continued successful delivery of high-quality teaching and research on the global stage.

Technicians Make It Happen Campaign


Good News from Psychology

We were delighted to hear that our technical colleagues in Psychology won the British Psychology Society award for?Technical?Support in?Research.
Technical colleagues in Psychology holding awards for?Technical?Support in?Research

A few fine examples of “Technicians make it happen”!

Covid–19 has changed the way we all have had to work, and the Technical Team have been a big part of this change for the Psychology department.
Technician at workbench

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Have a question about the 技术人员承诺 or our work as technicians? Contact us here.