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Durham University Pension Scheme (DUPS)

The Durham University Pension Scheme (DUPS) is offered to members of staff in Grades 1 to 5. If members of staff wish to take up membership of this pension scheme, they MUST OPT IN. 

You can join the Durham University Pension Scheme (DUPS), if… 

  • you’re a grade 1 to 5 University employee with regular hours;
  • you haven’t reached your State Pension Age yet (this will be at least age 65); and
  • you’re not in one of the University’s other pension arrangements. 

More information about Durham University pensions


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Lost track of a pension?

The Pension Tracing Service helps people find pension schemes they may have 'lost touch' with.

Pension Tracing Service


Get in Touch with the scheme administrators, Aon

Durham University Pension Scheme 


PO Box 196



Telephone:  0345 850 9560 


Get in touch

Get in touch about the Scheme or your benefits. Telephone: 0191 334 6922

Mrs J Robertson 
Payroll and Pensions Manager 
Finance Department 
Durham University 
Mountjoy Centre 
Hawthorn Wing 
Stockton Road